Sunday, July 30, 2023

Life is New Canvas

Life is new, a canvas blank,

A stage where we all must plank,

Actors in this grand display,

Playing parts both night and day.

For some, life's nothing but a game,

A fleeting spark, a passing flame,

But for a few who see the truth,

Life's a symphony, not a sleuth.

In yugas past, the Kali loomed,

A darkness that many presumed,

Yet few they knew the inner light,

The strength to rise, embrace the fight.

For every tale must have an end,

But love's eternal, it won't bend,

A melody that we can't ignore,

A binding force forevermore.

Amidst life's stage, we find our role,

With intertwined hearts, we are whole,

Personal lives, they intertwine,

We can't forsake what's yours and mine.

Whoever you may choose to be,

Addict or saint, it's plain to see,

We all must face our battles fought,

Our paths are distinct, each one sought.

The army's might, the commando's art,

The criminal's vice, it tears apart,

But 'normal' is a fragile word,

For who's to say what's right or absurd?

Life's not a race, nor love a toy,

But battles come and joys deploy,

We're bound by time, yet can't be caged,

In this existence, we're engaged.

So let us cherish every breath,

And dance through life until our death,

For in this tapestry we weave,

Our legacy, our hearts will leave.

Embrace the light, reject the dark,

Let love be seen in every spark,

United in the human plight,

Together, we can make it right.

The addict needs a helping hand,

The alcoholic, love's demand,

The army fights to keep us free,

The commando braves adversity.

The criminal seeks a new dawn,

A chance to change, to be reborn,

The so-called "normal" yearns for grace,

Acceptance, love, a warm embrace.

In life's grand play, we find our way,

Navigating through night and day,

With every scene, a chance to grow,

To let our inner wisdom flow.

And as the final curtain falls,

Our spirits freed from mortal walls,

The essence of our journey's art,

Shall live forever, heart to heart.

So let us dance, embrace the fight,

In unity, find pure delight,

For life is new, a gift we're given,

Together, we'll find love and heaven.


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