I missed my way

I missed the learning

I hated myself


you started turning me to something

don’t leave me like that

knock my head before if I become scrap and trash


Oh wait

I have said it ample

That was my past

I’ll remorse it for last

Wasted for nothing

I was very boring

ruthless and cunning

Never learned to handle second thought and timing

Very priviate, monotonous that was the reason I was failing and not caring


But telling you the truth

You are the reason I’m trying

You are the reason I’m learning

You are the reason I’m sharing

You are the reason I’m caring

Terrible at talks but you are the reason I’m talking

I haven’t had to go mad here but

We both are trying

I know we have had repetations but it seems we both are naïve?


I think sometimes you feel confused

Me too

For us, what should I do next

Ends of with another blunder

I’m really sorry

I have caused the strom and thunder

tsunami of thoughts

Confusion for longer.


Look into my eyes

They wish to see you

They want you to hug tight

They want you to punch me in the face easy and bright.


Your eyes they remind me to talk again no matter whatever we go through

You are right whenever you share things for us during the conversations that we have at nights

You are waiting for so manything

We are expecting for us so manythings

I know you have faced discomfort at that space

Just believe me those all will be gone in very coming times.


Poor at talks

Gestures or appreciations

I fail it to rock

The way you talk

Joyous, Caring, Happy, Moody, Foodie is the reason

I loved you the most

I always fail to showcase the gesture of your beauty

You are more beautiful

Whenever you say it to yourself

(Aaaja ta ma kasto ramri dekhiyeki)

You are more beautiful than I/You thought.


You have a magic

It’s working slowly

But I can feel it

Peaceful and thorolgy.


The spell that you casted on me.

What is the name again?





I want him and me on a

Restless adventures of love and nature

Success and the treasure

oh Sam and Frodo

Drogo drogo

I don’t want the ring

Vanish his issues and push him towards me

with the love and care that I wish from him.

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