the elimination here is painful
It feels like poetry

The prediction of the predictors were easy but
Getting eliminated from the Bet has become
The roastery
Silent pastry
Sami's cookies might heal you
Just get each one of you on Monday...
That's monastery

Most happy person would be Puskar here,
Because at his time he was only one got eliminated first
And we were laughing

Puskar has seen most of the Red, Bloodshed
on the Excel sheet
Might be laughing silently
And saying like
Appna time toh aaya
Dekha tumhara vi aaya
For GameofBetThrone

Analyst like Prasun is not in the game
That feels sad bro,
9 of us remain but half wounded
Half in a Pain

At Prediction board
Used to see the discussion between
Sanjay sir & Manish
& saw Manish is still in the game half wounded
But Sad to see Sanjay sir joining others again

The starter of the bet Bruce seems to on a line for the Fight
The silent killer that we call him right?
But let's see, how things go left or bright.

Oh i missed,
Supriya where are you?
Sorry I missed to check the excel sheet above
It's down the line
Footer of the fine
Just shocked it was full blood and blacked Grapewine
Sadly the 9 will miss your high price and upfront motivation for double bet incline.

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