Thursday, November 10, 2022


I have recently lost my life
that is my wife
you can't be true
is it ? 

no, she is alive
so why are you saying you lost your wife?

this is the catch thats my wife and i lost her
that's why i'm saying i lost my wife.

bro chill, take care of your gururaaamars
your english is so damn bad
where is your wife
and where have you lost her like?

I'm writing this poetry that
I lost her like that easy alike
Not so easy
that's my life
very true
bigger stage of this life
is that your family?
not your wife?
may be yes,
you have the life not the wife but the family
nothing to hype
blackmailing is the key for a ******
i don't know why is this life
may be is it confusing
thats the destiny thats the life that they have described to your family life
i have just lost my life
that's my wife

bro you kidding me
where is your wife
what are you talking bro
that's my life but where is my wife? 


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