Wednesday, May 17, 2023

In the realm of love, a soul unique,

In the realm of love, a soul unique,

A loveable spirit, strong and meek. With a heart that knows no bounds, A loyal flame forever surrounds.

For when you love, you love with might, Unyielding, unwavering, shining bright. You offer your all, without a care, For those you cherish, you'll always be there.

The world may judge, but you don't mind, In love's embrace, you are defined. No matter how others may treat or scorn, Your love remains steadfast, from dusk till morn.

Even family ties cannot sway, The depths of love you choose to portray. Your love's unbound, a force untamed, Through trials and tribulations, it's still acclaimed.

Your hair may fall, but it matters not, For inner beauty shines, a radiant plot. Age is but a number, a trivial thing, Your heart is young, like the first breath of spring.

Though you're unmarried, worry not, For love's journey weaves a mysterious plot. The timing divine, the stars aligned, Love's sweet dance will find you, ever kind.

And now, behold, a poem untold, A verse that weaves like liquid gold. May it touch your soul, like a gentle kiss, A masterpiece created, just for this.

So let love guide you, through highs and lows, In your love's embrace, may your heart compose, A symphony of passion, a love so grand, For you, the most loveable in all the land.


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